Unit 1,No. 8, 11th Alley,
Unit 1,No. 8, 11th Alley

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Game Programming and Television Software

To obtain the real time graphic this group designs 2D Game Engines by following compatibly:

  • Designing based on Object Oriented Programming
  • Using DirectX
  • Able to add different properties to any object
  • Hardware connecting such as: IO, A\D, D\A, capture cards
  • Kurdish, Persian, Arabian fonts (over 80 fonts)
  • Over 80 default effects
  • Any data base Connecting

More than 300 software's programs had been made for 18 years the same as:

  • TV announcement,
  • TV shows,
  • real time subtitling system 35mm Fajr film festival.

It is considerable that Over 90% of these programs were shown live due to high security.


New solution:
To develop the capacity of Our system 3D Processing Engine is integrated that usually is applied in simulation, imagination, game software. Also it is able to create 3D virtual reality, real simulation and games can be easily designed by using unified expanding system. The core is included modern graphic, physical modeling and game audio. The core section is able to:

  • FPS, RTS and TPS game production,
  • Making artificial intelligence for machines,
  • Character, vehicle and machine creation,
  • Categories,
  • Production of weapons,
  • Maps routes,
  • Camera managing,
  • Water capacity simulation by physical model,
  • Shader 3.0 supporting,
  • DirectX and OpenGL using,
  • Wide rang of Video Graphic Cards supporting,
  • GPU automatic recognition,
  • Light generation,
  • Making shadow,
  • Particle, animation and 64 bit color bit supporting,
  • Live graphic effect,
  • Skeletal Character,
  • Tree and Car designing by physical model,
  • Multi channel audio.