Unit 1,No. 8, 11th Alley,
Unit 1,No. 8, 11th Alley

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GIS Solutions

Stored information in GIS needs large capacity derives therefore rapid access to this data is vital and consists of complicated process. Since foreign software is not available, this firm attempts to solve this major trouble by using effective method. Software programming in AUTO CAD which is able to do mathematical and physical calculation on maps and diagrams is offered.



  • any type data base connecting,
  • Internet and wireless routs connecting,
  • Detailed maps,
  • Privet Entity with individual properties,
  • Making detailed Popup menu


Intelligent systems designing like: water transport system, electricity power, gas and phone distribution including mathematical computing and using data archive on maps; all are possible. In water transport system as an example power and capacity of using pumps can be reviewed by estimating flow in each section. If a pump is out of order, all drain pips will be indicated. In electricity power distribution system the power of distributed and undistributed electricity can be computed too. Designing 3D of dental wheels turbine, also is another example.

Designing maps and documents archive are the main applications.